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Ngoc Chi Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarianism has become a global trend recently for the sake of human health. This is also the reason why a lot of vegetarian restaurants – like Ngoc Chi Vegetarian Restaurant, grow up to meet this need.​

To ensure the health and control of the input materials, Ngoc Chi invests in a clean and separate vegetable garden to only supply for the restaurant. We serve vegetarian dishes that balance nutrition and meet many different vegetarian schools.

Moreover, every Ngoc Chi’s product has a harmony between the Asian and European styles, making the dishes more suitable for the taste and needs of a variety of users.​

Whoever you are, vegetarian for any reason, we can meet your needs with extremely reasonable prices. Please come to Ngoc Chi Vegetarian Restaurant to experience a pure space as well as nutritious and safe Vietnamese vegetarian dishes.

Meet all vegetarian needs
Whoever you are, fasting for any reason, we can meet your needs at extremely reasonable prices. Come to Ngoc Chi Vegetarian Restaurant to experience a pure space as well as safe and nutritious Vietnamese vegetarian dishes.

Our shop sells vegan dishes made from vegetables and protein from beans, especially without using MSG or artificial sweeteners. Ngoc Chi wants to bring the delicious, quality and cleanness of food and the best way of serving customers.

With the motto of balancing Asian and Western vegetarian cuisine, and bringing a menu with reasonable prices, Ngoc Chi vegetarian restaurant is the best choice for customers.

Ngoc Chi vegetarian restaurant is only available at 32 Thai Phien and registered copyright. Find the right address to enjoy the delicious and delicious vegetarian dishes with Vietnamese identity.

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